[locomotive] New: The first TRAXX DC3s of the second batch for Mercitalia Rail [updated]

On 20.09.2022, Alstom and Mercitalia Rail signed an agreement for twenty extra TRAXX DC3 electric locomotives (Class 494). This was an option from the 2017 contract for forty similar locomotives. Now, the first units have been outshopped.

This article was originally published on 02.02.2024 and updated on 28.02.2024: New information and image added  

Mercitalia Rail 494 042 and 041 in Vado Ligure on 01.02.2024 © Francesco Bochicchio

On 01.02.2024, the first two new locos, numbered 494, 041 and 042, left the Alstom factory in Vado Ligure. These are the first Traxxs produced for Mercitalia Rail since Alstom absorbed Bombardier.

All the remaining 18 machines will be delivered in 2024. The agreement includes a full-service program by the Alstom Italia Service.

Mercitalia Rail 494 041 in Vado Ligure on 01.02.2024 © Francesco Bochicchio

This delivery is the first step of Polo Logistica, the logistics department of the Italian state railways (Gruppo FS), for a fleet rejuvenation plan involving hundreds of new locomotives and thousands of new freight cars.

The domestic operator, Mercitalia Rail, has a masterplan mentioning 320 new locomotives. They will gradually replace old-fashioned E.652 locomotives that were built between 1989 and 1996 in Vado Ligure – a strange twist of fate.

Mercitalia Rail E.652.173 in Silvi on 20.01.2018 © Lorenzo Pallotta

Update 28.02.2024

On 22.02.2024, two more units left the Alstom plant in Savigliano to reach Milano. Here they are:

  • 494 043 –> 91 83 2494 043-9 I-MIR;
  • 494 044 –> 91 83 2494 044-7 I-MIR.

The… rest is yet to come!

Alstom MIR 494 043 and 044 in Vado Ligure on 22.02.2024 © Francesco Bochicchio