[passenger] Coradia Max: Alstom renames its high-capacity train design

Alstom has officially renamed its high-capacity train design for Europe. Alstom Coradia Stream HC is no more – the new name is Alstom Coradia Max. This affects the following projects:

Seperate orders:

Previously, the typical Stream cab design, with elegant swoosh,  was replaced by a more neutral one. Only CFL will get Coradia Stream HC / Max with the original rounded cabs.

You can see the rationalisation of the Stream design below, as the artist’s impressions of the trains for LNVG changed during the design phase:

Alstom Coradia Stream HC for LNVG – Impression – LNVG / Alstom
Newest artist’s impresion of Coradia Stream HC for LNVG © Alstom