[DE] DB Cargo and Coca Cola – Christmas train will tour through Germany [updatedx3]

At the moment, DB Cargo’s 185 204 and 207 have extra stickers, bringing you into the mood for Christmas with a Coca-Cola Santa and some decorations. Starting on 15.12.2023 – the locomotives will be part of the Christmas train coming to four German cities. Scroll down for the exact times and locations:

This article is constantly updated.

DB Cargo 185 204 in Vellmar on 23.11.2023 © Christian Klotz

Last week, both locomotives were seen with a special Coca-Cola train, with a American semi on a flat bed car and the coaches that were previously used for the Rewe-train (two of them seen in the picture above). Meanwhile, 204 returned to normal freight traffic (below). If anyone has (seen) an image of the special train, any info would be very welcome! (submit@railcolornews.com)

DB Cargo 185 204 in Gmünden on 26.11.2023 © Tim Roux

September – October: DB Cargo and Coca-Cola “Unterwegs zu mehr Klimaschutz” campaign

Soft drinks produced by Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Germany (CCEP DE) are available throughout Germany. CCEP DE has 27 production and logistics facilities in the country for bottling, storing and distributing its beverages. Rail transport is an obvious option when short distribution routes can’t be used.

In July-October 2023, CCEP DE and DB Cargo had a promotional partnership to raise consumer awareness about green rail freight transport.  Consumers could win one of the 300 Deutschland tickets.

DB Cargo 185 207 in Neulengbach on 06.12.2023 © Christopher Kavassy

Coca-Cola train will tour Germany

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola has announced the stops of the Christmas train. But beware: “The tickets for the train tour stops are already sold out due to high demand. Further tickets are not available. It is not possible to exchange or cancel tickets. Thank you for being so understanding.”

  • Leipzig: 15.12.2023 – Leipzig Hauptbahnhof track 23 – 15:00-19:00h.
  • Frankfurt 17.12.2023 – Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof track 1 – 15:00-19:00h.
  • Hamburg 20.12.2023 – Bahnhof Hamburg-Altona track 12 – 15:00-19:00h.
  • Berlin 22.12.2023 – Bahnhof Berlin-Südkreuz track 8 – 15:00-19:00h.

Making of-video

To Leipzig

DB Cargo 185 207 with Coca-Cola train in Leipzig- Wiederitzsch on 15.12.2023 © Marcus Schrödter

To Hamburg

DBC/Coca Cola train on its way to Hamburg, 17.12.2023 © Gwenaël Piérart
DBC/Coca Cola train on its way to Hamburg, 17.12.2023 © Gwenaël Piérart
DBC/Coca Cola train on its way to Hamburg, 17.12.2023 © Gwenaël Piérart