[BG] CRRC Bison on its way to tests in Bulgaria

Next to an extensive period of testing in Hungary, the CRRC Bison locomotive is now reportedly making its way to Bulgaria. Locomotive 181 002, which was previously seen at the 2022 edition of InnoTrans, has been chosen to make the journey.

The locomotive recently popped up in the Romanian border station of Curtici, seemingly waiting for further transport to Bulgaria. Bodnar Flavius caught 181 002 on 20.10.2023 awaiting further transport, together with an ÖBB ES64U2:

CRRC Bison 181 002 in Curtici (RO) on 20.10.2023 © Bodnar Flavius
CRRC Bison 181 002 in Curtici (RO) on 20.10.2023 © Bodnar Flavius
CRRC 181 002 together with an unknown ÖBB ES64U2 and Constantin Grup class 81 © Bodnar Flavius

A quick recap

The first Chinese-built Bison locomotive arrived in Europe back in 2021, with trials with Rail Cargo Hungaria starting soon after. The Bison is CRRC’s answer to modern European locomotives such as the Vectron and Traxx platforms, which it ultimately seeks to compete with.

The central European market is a focus for CRRC’s upcoming locomotives and trainsets. Authorization remains the biggest hurdle for now, but seems to be making steady progress as trial operations have already started. Read more in the article below:

[HU] CRRC Bison enters test freight service in Hungary