[DE] 192 077: BeLog restyles a Smartron locomotive [updated]


Slowly but steadily, BeLog is developing a new visual identity for its rolling stock. It started with stickers on lease MRCE and diesel locomotives. Then came a new logo and a white/red/blue colour scheme, which debuted on an ELP EuroDual. Now comes a Smartron.

This article was originally published on 18.04.2023 and updated on 27.04.2023. Thanks to Arny Bouwmeester we now have a portrait of the new design.

No, we don’t have a good portrait of the restyled Northrail 192 077 yet. But with the help of Jeffrey Herzog, we can give you a first glimpse of the new red and white stickers:

Northrail > Belog 192 077 ad 079 in Erfurt-Linderbach on 06.04.2023 © Jeffrey Herzog
Northrail > BeLog 192 077 in Salzbergen on 23.04.2023 © Arny Bouwmeester

It is interesting whether 192 079 will get a similar restyling. Both locomotives are part of a new batch of Smartrons that Siemens is currently outshopping for Northrail. So far, Railcolor News has registered 192 076-079.