[IT] Trenitalia V300 Frecciarossa: The 360° interior tour


Have you other ever had the chance to ride the Italian high-speed flagship train, the Frecciarossa? Lucky you! Rudolf Strutz created an interactive, 360° digital tour through the red arrow’s interior for everyone less fortunate. Wander around and take a look at the Business class, the office space and the bar.

The Frecciarosso 1000 is a true marvel of engineering, boasting an impressive length of 202 meters and consisting of eight cars. This train has been designed to run on all high-speed lines across Europe, making it the ultimate versatile choice for rail travel. With its sixteen powerful engines, this masterpiece can reach incredible speeds up to 400 km/h – delivering an unparalleled journey experience.

Passengers can access four different service options that cater perfectly to their needs. The first carriage houses ten luxurious, exclusive executive-level seats and a sophisticated meeting room – perfect for business travellers seeking comfort and style. At the same time, they work or relax during transit.

Carriages two and three are reserved exclusively for Business Class passengers. The bistro is also located in carriage three. Passengers can enjoy their meals either at the bar or in complete comfort of their own seats.

Premium level in the fourth car offers the perfect first-class experience, providing guests with top-notch amenities throughout every inch!

Finally, standard-level travellers can relax comfortably while enjoying excellent convenience across cars five to eight – ensuring everyone gets exactly what they need from their travels aboard the Frecciarosso 1000!

When it comes to high-speed train travel, the Frecciarossa 1000 is in a league of its own. Its sleek design and modern interior spaces provide passengers comfort and style while they work or relax during transit.

Experience the Frecciarossa like never before with Rudolf Strutz’s stunning digital 360-degree tour. With a focus on tourism and public transport, he has garnered over one million views across more than 100 publications. His captivating photos have also amassed an impressive 15 million hits online. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the beauty of the Frecciarossa through his lens!