[DE] Franken-Thüringen Express: Six-car Desiro HC train on ice


An impressive sight featuring a red six-car Desiro HC double-deck train for the Franken-Thüringen-Express (FTX). Mathias Schrödter caught unit 4462 005/505 in a very icy atmosphere – making the train look even redder than it already is:

DB Regio 4462 005/505 in Schönefeld on 08.02.2023 © Mathias Schrödter

Eight such trains are scheduled to enter service in June 2024, connecting Nuremberg, Bamberg, Coburg and Erfurt/Sonneberg. They are pressure-tight for operation in high-speed tunnels along with the Berlin – Munich ICE trains. They are equipped with ETCS to maintain the fluidity of the line and have a top speed of 190 km/h.

An extensive report on these trains was published by Railcolor News in 2022:

[DE] The real thing: Desiro HC for Franken-Thüringen Express [updated x3]