[ES] Another Hitachi Rail ETR 1000 transferred to Spanish Iryo

With the start of Iryo’s high-speed rail operation between Madrid and Barcelona approaching, new units made for this service are complementing the fleet.

On 25.11.2022, a new name will officially enter the liberalised Spanish high-speed rail market: Iryo by ILSA. The company will offer nine daily services between Madrid Atocha and Barcelona Sants stations. For this, a fleet of Hitachi Rail ETR 1000 units was commissioned. With significant expansion plans on the Iberian peninsula, Iryo has 20 (+3 in option) trainsets on order.

On 03.09.2022, another ETR 1000 high-speed train unit was transported by Captrain’s Alstom Prima locomotive 37513 from Ventimiglia (IT) to Perpignan (FR). The new train was running between two RailAdventure cars – as seen in the image below taken near Port la Nouvelle in France:

Captrain’s Prima locomotive 37513 pulls the latest Iryo trainset near Port la Nouvelle on 03.09.2022 © Jean-Claude Mons

The first Frecciarossas for ILSA were dispatched to Spain a year ago. Learn more about it in the article below:

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