[NL] New design for Alpha Trains 186 223 [updated]


Meanwhile, in most markets, the lease company Alpha Trains has a flag bearer, a locomotive that has the company’s full corporate livery: lime green and silver with big Alpha-logos. But one major fleet was still lacking such a machine; Alpha Trains has 80 (!) TRAXX MS2e electrics (series 186), yet none of those got the design, until now.

Im the first week of July 2022, 186 223 arrived in the Netherlands in lime and silver, after it had a major overhaul in Brugge (BE).

The machine has been on hire to the Dutch railways (NS) since June 2020 and stayed with this operator after its return. To make this very clear, the loco got large blue NS logos on its noses.

Alpha Trains > NS. 186 223 in Tilburg-Reeshof sandwiching a ICRm train to The Hague on 10.07.2022 © Arny Bouwmeester