[DE] CAF Civity battery-electric trains for Niederrhein/Munsterland [updatedx5]

Since 2021, the transport authorities of the Rhein-Ruhr (VRR) and Westfalen-Lippe (NWL) regions have been working with manufacturer CAF to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of trains on non-electrified track sections. 73 new BEMUs will replace diesel trains – The share of passenger kilometres made with diesel trains will drop to less than ten per cent.  Let’s have a look at the trains’ specifications, the lines on which they will run, and which operators will use them:

This article was originally published on 24.06.2021 and updated on 08.07.2021, 11.08.2021, 04.04.2022, 18.04.2022, 27.05.2022, and 27.06.2022.

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