[SE] In the picture: The LC 800 of Nordic Re-Finance in Malmö



So how is Nordic Re-Finance’s recently-acquired LC 800 shunter doing in Sweden? In this photo article, we get a glimpse of the loco in its new home, Malmö.

Merz Transport AB is the lessee of a unique locomotive shunting design that Nordic Re-Finance successfully introduced to Sweden. The loco has been in service for Merz since last fall and, so far, we didn’t have the chance to bring up a visual of it. Until now:

800 001 of Nordic Re-Finance > Merz Transport seen at Malmö Gbg on 10.03.2022 © Kasper Pedersen

There are no obvious changes regarding the exterior of the locomotive except for one thing – its EVN-number is visible now, and it reads S-NRFAB 98 74 0800 001-4. Nordic Re-Finance has shared that apart from hard work, the prototype loco is also being fine-tuned on a continuous basis to match the needs of its client. For example, its radio remote control operation has been improved.

For an in-depth review of the locomotive’s interior and exterior, refer to our ‘sneak peek’ guide below:

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