[FR] Snow whites in France: The Euro4000 of ETF

Some locomotives are in spotlights continuously. And some are not captured at all. If you ever travelled the LGV Est or the Tours – Bordeaux high-speed lines, your journey is connected to two locomotives belonging to the second category.

Back in 2013, Stadler (Vossloh Valencia at that time) sold two Euro4000 locomotives to French railways construction company, Eurovia Travaux Ferroviaires (ETF). After the delivery, they started hauling construction materials, which they have been performing ever since. They delivered it for the  LGV Est and Tours – Bordeaux high-speed lines, and many more.

Stadler Euro4000 locomotives E4029 and 4030 of ETF in Juvisy on 27.12.2015 © Benoît Farges

With production numbers 2734 and 2735, they received designation E4029 (92 87 0004 029-0 F-ETF) and E4030 (92 87 0004 030-8 F-ETF). They are operated by ETS Services SAS, a Cergo-Pontoise company that belongs to the Eurovia Vinci holding.