[FR] In the picture: TGV 16 – the speed devil of the eighties

The French railways set several high-speed records with their TGV trains. On 26.02.1981, unit no. 16 reached 380,7 km/h. The train belongs to the ‘Sud-Est’ generation of trains which were built between 1975 and 1982. They originally had the orange SNCF TGV design.

Meanwhile, no.16 is painted in the most recent silver/white/red/purple Carmillon design. But it got something extra earlier this year: an orange banner over its noses, celebrating the 40th birthday of this special trainset:

SNCF TGV no.16 in Alfortville-Vert-de-Maisons on 26.02.2021 – Jean-Claude Mons


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