[DE / Expert] Siemens Desiro HC and Mireo for Donau-Isar contract [updated]

The Bayern railway authority (Bayerische Eisenbahn­ge­sell­schaft – BEG) has announced the winner of the Donau-Isar contract. DB Regio will be the operator responsible for regional passenger services covered by the new contract:

  1. München – Landshut – Plattling – Passau (‘Donau-Isar-Express’);
  2. (Schwaigerloh –) München airport – Landshut – Regensburg (now: ‘Flugha­fen­express’ or ÜFEX);
  3. (München –) Freising – Moosburg – Landshut;
  4. München – Landshut – Plattling/Regensburg in peak hours;

This article was originally posted on 15.10.2020 – and updated on 01.02.2021 (new information added).

On 29.01.2021 Siemens Mobility officially announced the project that Railcolor News brought to its Expert readers back in October 2020. This is what’s new:

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