[AT] In the picture: Second Steiermarkbahn ES64U4 in a new livery

+1 for the fleet of Class 1216 locomotives in Austria with a promotional livery. But, this time it is not ÖBB who brings out a new livery. It is part of the restyling of the second StB ES64U4 – it is now supporting the Graz ice hockey team.

‘Powerful, fast, and dynamic’. Such are adjectives used as a common denominator for Steiermarkbahn Transport und Logistik GmbH (StB) and the Graz 99ers – and both headquartered in the Austrian city.

Locomotive 1216 960 is the second locomotive with a simpler and cleaner StB design, following after 183 717. Their fronts are similar, the sides are different.

Graz99ers mascot present at the new 1216 960 livery presentation. Photo credit: Steiermarkbahn

The locomotive will be used in services from Hungary across Austria to Germany. We thank Tamás Horváth for his image of such a service:

StB 1216 960 in Komaróm on 17.01.2021 – Tamás Horváth