[NL] Arriva Nederland reveals names for its WINK fleet

Last year, Arriva NL asked people to come up with names for its new Stadler WINK fleet. The passenger operator was looking for names of specific destinations in Friesland and Groningen, the two northern provinces in the Netherlands were the new trains will be deployed. A jury has selected 18 names:

  • Het Wad
  • d’Olle Grieze
  • Noar hoes
  • Museumspoorlijn STAR
  • Noorderzon
  • De Drie Gezusters
  • Westerwolde
  • Hongerige Wolf
  • Hangende Keukens
  • Oldehove
  • Holwerd aan Zee
  • Thús
  • Oerol
  • Reaklif
  • Alvestêdetocht
  • Zwarte Haan
  • De Slachte
  • Snitser Mar

Meanwhile, the European Register of Authorised types of Vehicles (ERATV) has released the documents about the authorisation of the ‘WINK BMU2 (L-4413)’ in the Netherlands.

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