[PL / Expert] #Purchase Consciously – the new livery of PKP IC EU160-030

PKP Intercity, in cooperation with various governmental institutions, has started promoting polish products. The newest electric locomotive in PKP IC’s fleet was selected for the task.

At the end of November 2020, PKP Intercity took delivery of the final two Newag E4DCU locomotives, also known as ‘Griffin’. EU160-030 now has new stickers stating: “We are united by Polish products – #Purchase Consciously”.

The action, conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development together with the National Agricultural Support Centre, focuses on consumer’s patriotism and the recognition of the label ‘Product of Poland’ which is used since 2017.

17.12.2020, Train from Zbąszynek to Warsaw East Station with EU160-030 in promote livery. Author Łukasz Piotrowski
17.12.2020, Promote livery on EU160-030. Author Łukasz Piotrowski
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