[IT / Expert] Update on the numbering of CZ Loko diesels in Italy

Today, Railcolor released an update on the numbering of CZ Loko’s EffiShunter 1000 diesel locomotives. This was needed, as the machines that are being delivered to Italy get new numbers after they arrive in this country. What causes the confusion?

  • Almost all locomotives are released by CZ Loko with CZ-NVR numbers: 92 54 2744 1xx-x
  • Italy then applies its own NVR-number sequence: 92 83 2744 0xx-x
  • CZ Loko also applies (short) painted numbers before delivery: 744 1xx-x
  • Many Italian operators adjust the painted number in line with the new IT-NVR number, but others maintain the CZ Loko-painted number = confusion

So what is the current situation, with twenty 744s in or on their way to Italy?

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