[PL] CargoUnit and PowerUnit sold: Industrial Division has a new owner

Abris, together with its founders Jacek Szczegodziński, Arkadiusz Ignasiak, and Piotr Ignasiak, has sold Industrial Division company to the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund. This is the first investment of the fund.

For the last 4.5 years Industrial Division, which operates under the brand names Cargounit and PowerUnit, has been developing dynamically under the wings of Abris Capital Partners, an independent company managing private equity funds investing in Central Europe. Under the agreement signed on 20.10.2020, the new owner of Industrial Division will be the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund, supported by advisors of the Amber Infrastructure Group.

The new owner plans to expand into the neighboring countries which will lead to the strengthening of north-south connectivity between the countries of the Three Seas Initiative.

Update: Ambitions

The Amber Infrastructure Group states: “Cargounit is well-positioned as the only locomotive leasing company in Poland able to offer a full suite of locomotive types and has extensive plans to modernize its fleet over the coming years as it continues to grow both within Poland and through expansion in the Three Seas region.  The expansion of the business to operate in other Three Seas countries will also play a part in increasing connectivity in the region as well as enhancing the efficient transportation of freight by rail.  The company expects to invest heavily in new multi-system locomotives able to operate cross border.

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