[IT / Expert] Trenitalia ETR 700 series in operation: an update

On 09.06.2019 Trenitalia started the first revenue services with series ETR 700, formerly known as V250 or Fyra. At the moment, a total of 13 trains has been delivered, let’s have a look at their numbers and the three (!) different liveries.

Ex V250 “Fyra” now wearing a silver livery – This unit will be the future Trenitalia ETR700.16 ‘Frecciarossa’ – Empoli 07.06.2018 – Photo: Samuele Poli

The first train for test runs was ETR 700 n.16 in an all-silver livery. This unit, of course, was mostly empty inside, with the only equipment being diagnostics instruments.

The remarkable story of the ETR 700 livery

Some weeks before entering into service, it was still not clear whether these trains would run under the Frecciarossa brand or the Frecciargento one. ETR 700 n.10 was delivered wearing the in Frecciarossa scheme:

Photo: Salvatore Romano d’Orsi

Just a few days later, Trenitalia decided that all trains running at a maximum speed of 250 km/h were to be considered Frecciargento, so ETR 700 n.10 received a brand new livery, featuring considerably

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