[BG] Video: How is Smartron 192 002 doing in Bulgaria?

At the end of 2019, PIMK Rail’s second Smartron made it to Bulgaria. A coincidence: the second one is actually numbered 192 002 (80 002 at present). Railcolor News brings you a video showing it at work on the sub-Balkan line, shortly before its closure for rehabilitation.

Little did change with that particular Smartron since it arrived and entered service for its new owner in mid-January. It got transferred to the Bulgarian series 80, which now consists of two Vectrons Medium Power and two Smartrons. The original promotional ‘Smartron’ livery which Siemens gave it has not been removed yet, which gives this locomotive a rather unique appearance for Eastern Europe – one of the diverse liveries that PIMK’s locomotives have.

But let’s stop here with the text and move on to a video by BackOnTrack Studios, showing the Smartron with one of its very first trains – back in 20.01.2020 when the world seemed to be calmer and brighter (at least in Europe, that is):