[DE] Can you spot the lok? DB 101 068 is now Back on track

Red does not get greener than this. DB has become the mobility partner for the Greentech Festival for the second year in a row. To display the green aspect of rail travel, locomotive 101 068 received a special “Back on track” livery.

The new livery for 101 068 displays blue and green elements on the red locomotive pulling long-distance trains on the German network. While doing that, it will use 100 percent green electricity, DB says.

Making climate awareness solutions even more attractive? The hunt is on, dear rail fans. This locomotive even got its own hashtag. If you spot this locomotive, post and add a hashtag #spotthelok to join the awareness-raising campaign, with a chance to win a ticket to this event.

DB 101 068 ‘Greentech’ at Berlin main station on 15.01.2020 – Deutsche Bahn / Oliver Lang