[HR] In the picture: The TRAXX MS3 on tests in Croatia

As expected, Bombardier’s TRAXX MS3 188 002 made an appearance in Croatia this week. The mission is the same as the one it had in Slovenia last week: certification.

We thank Josip Petrlić for sharing his nice pictures with us. Check out his Flickr profile to see more of his works.

It is just after 7 AM and the sun is rising above Zagreb Marshalling station. A long and important day ahead of Bombardier’s testbed 188 002:

Bombardier’s 188 002, seen on tests in Zagreb Marshalling station 19.11.2019 Photo: Josip Petrlić

Indeed, 188 002’s certification gig across Europe continues. The locomotive is currently ongoing trials in Croatia. Josip Petrlić brings us these scenic views:

On 18.11.2019 a test ride took place between Zagreb to Rijeka, while the ones depicted in this article show the locomotive getting ready for a ride from Zagreb to Vinkovci. Unfortunately, as in Croatia, the MS3 ran only as a light engine, without a freight train involved in the trials.

Bombardier’s 188 002, seen on tests in Zagreb Marshaling station 19.11.2019 Photo: Josip Petrlić

According to Bombardier, the next (and probably last) stop for its MS3 ‘certification journey’ is Romania: