[RS] New EMUs for Serbia: 18 trains to boost ridership

Only 5% of passengers opt for rail in Serbia. And that seems to bother not just Srbija Voz representatives, but also the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Thus, the latest agreement between this bank and the Serbian state railway company secures the financing of 18 new, 4-car EMUs.

Away from the road, onto that greener mode of transportation; rails. Despite the heavily under-financed rail infrastructure in Serbia, things seem to be shifting in favour of railways. After the Russian support to modernize and electrify over 370 km of rail lines and purchase of 27 DMU made by Metrovagonmash (RA-2 diesel railbus, class 711, delivered in 2016), EBRD steps in to support.

Srbija Voz, the state-owned passenger service company, already has a modern fleet of EMUs. Designated as class 413, a total of 21 FLIRT EMUs were delivered in 2015, consisting of 4 railcars and operate Intercity trains between Beograd, Niš, Subotica, Šid, and Prijepolje Teretna. They are complemented by 16 Latvia-built 4-car trainsets, class 412, from the 1980s.  Whether Srbija Voz will go for fleet unification or purchase of different EMUs has not been specified yet.

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