[NL] 2020: iLint hydrogen train coming to the Netherlands

The Alstom iLint hydrogen train is coming to the Netherlands. Trials between Groningen and Leeuwarden, in the very north of the country, are scheduled for Q1 2020.

Prorail, Alstom, Arriva, BD Hydrogen/Engie and the local authorities want to assess whether or not a hydrogen train is a feasible alternative for train services on the non-electrified track sections in the province. There are three questions that need to be answered:

  • How does a hydrogen train perform between Groningen and Leeuwarden?
  • How will the refuelling affect the current time table?
  • What is required to get permission to use a hudrogen train in revenue service in the northern provinces?

Groningen has the ambition to introduce hydrogen trains in revenue service in 2023.