[DE] DB Cargo wants: up to 400 dual mode locomotives

DB Cargo AG from Mainz is planning for the future. Next step: a frame contract for dual-mode locomotives. Interested companies can now apply to join the tender process. A winner will be announced in 2020.

These details are publicly known:

  • Frame contract 01.03.2020 – 31.12.2026
  • Development, construction, commissioning and delivery of 0 to 400 locomotives
  • ‘Zweikraftloks’ (= dual-mode locomotives)

Companies that want to join, have to meet the following demands:

  • You are a healthy company: The applicant assures that his assets are not subject to insolvency proceedings or comparable legal proceedings. The applicant declares that he is not in liquidation.
  • 200 million turnover: The applicant has to submit the company results of the last three financial years – during this period the company has achieved a minimum turnover of EUR 200 million with the manufacture and supply of rolling stock.
  • Show your references: The applicant has to submit a reference list of authorized locomotive products of the past seven years.
  • You had larger orders: The reference comprises at least three projects for the delivery of at least 30 locomotives – Consortium projects included.
  • You successfully authorized your products: During the past ten years, the applicant has delivered at least two different locomotive types authorized in an EU country and/or Norway and/or Switzerland.

Source: TED Contract notice – utilities 2019/S 189-460791