[DE] ZVMS wants Coradia BEMUs for Chemnitz-Leipzig

Remarkable news from Mittelsachsen. Zweckverband Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen (ZVMS) no longer wants to wait for Deutsche Bahn to complete the electrification of the route Chemnitz – Leipzig. Only when fully electrified, new EMUs could be introduced on the Regionalexpress (RE6) line. Instead, ZVMS wants to start using new technology to (literally) bridge the gap in the overhead wiring: the BEMU. Electric trains that also feature batteries that will be charged using the pantograph in both end stations. 

Extra special: VMS wants to order Alstom trains; A version of the Coradia Continental that so far was not known. We know about Siemens’ Mireo, Bombardier’s Talent 2, Stadler’s FLIRT Akku for example, being available as BEMU, but the Alstom-train is new in this list. VMS wants to place an order for 11 such trains that will enter service in 2023. Their arrival will be the end of the loco-hauled trains currently in use; Old coaches in combination with Eurorunner diesel locomotives, which are being criticized for their unreliability and the absence of modern features such a leveled entrance, airconditioning and Wifi.

At this moment, Transdev-subsidiary Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn (MRB) is responsible for the train operation on the RE6. In February we reported about this line and another attempt to update the rolling stock, which proved to be more troublesome as expected

In the same region, the electric version of the Coradia Continental is in use since the summer of 2016. 3- and 5-car EMUs are operated on the routes RE3 (Dresden – Hof), RB30 (Dresden – Zwickau), and RB45 (Chemnitz – Riesa – Elsterwerda).

Two EMUs on their way from Dresden to München in the magnificent rapeseed fields around Jessen. Federico Santigati
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