[EU] Portrait: Railpool > TX Logistik ‘Railfanatics’ (with an error)

We thank Simon Buchmann for sending us this picture.

Railpool 185 684, hired to TX Logistik, has new logos and markings. But, don’t be fooled. The graffiti-style letters, partly cut off, are part of this branding. A remarkable choice, as railway companies have to spend millions of euros every year, on fighting vandalism and repairing the damages caused by ‘graffiti-artists’. Plus, the slogan on the locomotive has a grammatical error, it should read ‘Passion has its (not it’s) place: on tracks.’

Railpool > TX Logistik 185 684 and TX Logistik 185 418 in Fischbach on 01.09.2019 – Simon Buchmann