[IT / Expert] Trenitalia launches a new Regional EMU tender, goes ‘super regional’

Trenitalia is working on a new regional trainset tender, split into two parts. In lot 1 the ‘super-regional’ concept is being introduced, which is related to the maximum speed of the EMUs to be acquired. Let’s have a look:

Trenitalia has launched a new tender procedure for the delivery of up to 250 regional trainsets (including the optional units). The tender is divided into two lots. The first one is for the procurement of ‘normal’ regional trains, while the second one is dedicated to the purchase of ‘super-regional’ EMUs with increased top speed – something which Trenitalia already mentioned a year ago. The goal? Shorter travel times between Roma and Florence.

Lot 1: 19x ‘Normal’ regional EMUs

  • 160 km/h;
  • 3kV DC;
  • Medium-capacity;
  • Fixed composition;
  • Single-deck.

The minimum order quantity is set to 38 trainsets, 19 will be ordered with the signing of the agreement. For the entire duration of the framework agreement, up to 150 units can be ordered.

Lot 2: 22x ‘Super-Regional’ EMUs

  • 200 km/h;
  • 3kV DC;
  • High-capacity;
  • Fixed-composition;
  • Single-deck.

The minimum order quantity is set to 22 trainsets, which will be ordered with the signing of the agreement. The maximum quantity is set to 100 units.

Both lots include optional parts supply and full-service maintenance (Level I and II) for 15 years, extendable with by another ten years. The duration of the framework agreement is set to 48 months, which may be extended for a further 24 months.

Only Participants with a turnover of at least EUR 500 million, generated by the supply of electric rolling stock for passenger transport in the period of 1.1.2015 – 06.30.2019, can qualify for the competition. According to the operator, this decision has been motivated by the need to select a company with a solid capacity and experience in the field of railway vehicle production. Interested manufacturers will have the chance to place their bids until 01.1.2019. The procedure has a minimum duration of 9 months.

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