[ES] Adif orders 22 dual mode diesel locomotives from Stadler Rail and Erion [updated]

In Spanish media today: The Board of Directors of Adif Alta Velocid add has approved the acquisition of 22 <strike>bimodal</strike> diesel-electric locomotives from Stadler Rail and Erion. The order has a value of approximately EUR 139 million. In Januari 2019 we published the tender that is the basis for this deal.

Update 18.10.2019: Stadler Rail’s official press information was released stating the locomotives are diesel-electric, and not dual modes

  • <strike>Electric and </strike> diesel-electric
  • 160 km/h maximum speed
  • First delivery to take place within 36 months after signing the final contract
  • work train haulage of up to 600 t

The locomotives will be, among other things, used for:

  • High-speed railway lines inspection prior to regular daily services start in the morning
  • Rescue operations of stranded trains
  • Snow clearance

Erion specializes in the maintenance of rolling stock for both public and private operators in Spain. Stadler Rail Valencia owns 51% of its shares, Renfe Operadora the remaining 49%.

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