[ES] The entire fleet renewal process of Renfe: An overview

The numbers of Renfe’s fleet renewal program are impressive, and so is the financial investment. 531 new trains, – 333 fixed and 198 optional – set to arrive within the next 5 years. The investment is estimated at more than EUR 4.6 billion if all trains are delivered. Railcolor News followed the renewal program and made reports of each of the upcoming contracts. Here’s a list:

So, what’s next? It looks like Renfe’s renewal program has been now fully revealed. However, new trains are still needed:

  • High speed-variable gauge trains for the lines to Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country services;
  • Trains for high-speed regional services;
  • Narrow gauge trains to replace the ageing fleet of the Feve lines, which is unreliable.