[ES] Adif tenders for three new infrastructure measurement trains

In April we reported about Adif’s tender for a high speed measurement train – this time, the infra structure manager from Spain is looking for three new multiple units for departmental workings. Including 5 years of maintenance, the contract can have a value of 61,6 million euro.

Two trains should be Iberian gauge (1.600 mm), and one should have standard European gauge bogies (1.435 mm). It should be the only structural difference between the three sets – so gauge of the trains can be adjusted by simply exchanging the bogies.

Dual mode traction, diesel and electric, is required. The design of new trains will have to be based on an existing model, or a a type of train currently under devlopment.

The interiors will be completely modular, with spaces for monitoring the infrastructure, offices, meeting rooms and storage spaces. The trains should be PRM-friendly.

Technical Specifications

  • Traction mode: Dual mode: Diesel + Electric 3 kV DC+25 kV AC – multysystem is not compulsory, but desired;
  • Maximum speed: 200 km/h in electric mode, 160 km/h diesel;
  • Length: 75 meters max.;
  • Communication and safety systems: ASFA Digial, ERTMS, Tren-Tierra Radio, and GSM-R.
  • Traction capacities: No exact power rating specified, but trains should be capable to run on 25 ‰ grades at their maximum design speed;
  • Axle distribution: Bogies are compulsory (no single-axle system from Talgo)

[ES / Expert] Adif is looking for a new HST measurement train