[DE] Werbelok alarm: DB 101 064 “160 Jahre Märklin” [updated x2]

The newest Werbelok in Germany: DB Fernverkehrs’s 101 064 now promoting Märklin’s 160th anniversary. David Pinto shot a picture today:

We thank David Pinto, Martin Morkowsky and Tristan Zielinski for sharing their nice pictures with us. This article was originally published on 01.07.2019 and updated on 02.07.2019 and 03.07.2019 – scroll down to see the updates.

DB 101 064 “160 Jahre Märklin” in Elmshorn-West on 01.07.2019 – David Pinto

Update 02.07.2019: As the sun was setting down, Martin Morkowsky captured this scenic view of the other side of the locomotive near the city of Brühl (DE):

101 064 with an IC train near Brühl (DE) 01.07.2019 Photo: Martin Morkowsky

Update 03.07.2019: Now we take a closer look at the werbelok. Tristan Zielinski sent us his impressions from Basel Bad Bf in Switzerland. :

Side view: DB 101 064 “160 Jahre Märklin” in Basel Bad Bf (CH) on 02.07.2019 Photo: Tristan Zielinski