[US] San Diego: Two more Charger locomotives for Coaster services

In 2018, five Siemens Charger locomotives were ordered by the North County Transit District (NCTD) from San Diego. These will replace old diesel locomotives, built in the seventies, that were purchased when NCTD started the Coaster service in 1995.

NCTD reports: During the April 2019 Board meeting, its Board of Directors authorized the purchase of two additional Charger locomotives pending receipt of funding.

Also, after an analysis performed by NCTD staff, it became clear that Coaster service frequencies can be increased to 30-minute headways during the peak and 60-minute headways during the non-peak period, with the procurement of two new trainsets.

The first of the new locomotives is scheduled to arrive as early as August of 2020. Latest visuals show a locomotive numbered in the 5000 series.