[PL] Elf2 for Koleje Wielkopolskie is here

Pesa’s production of 5-car ELF 2 trainsets for Koleje Wielkopolskie is progressing. Here are pictures of the first pair of these EMUs, in red and white.

On 30.05.2019, the first two EMUs of the series made a public appearance at the test tracks of the Polish Railway Institute in Żmigród. 48WE-001 & 48WE-002 side by side:

Photo: Pesa

The trainsets, part of an order for 10 vehicles, are expected to enter service later this year. Five 5-car will follow in 2020. To find out more about these orders, visit our post below:

[PL / Expert] Five new ELF 2 EMUs for Koleje Wielkopolskie

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