[AT] ÖBB 1216 019 is the new Leonardo da Vinci locomotive [updated x4]

We congratulate Gudrun Geiblinger, Roco and the ÖBB with the result of another fruitful common project. This is ÖBB’s newest Werbelok: 1216 019 ‘Leonardo da Vinci’.

The article was originally published on 09.05.2019 and updated on 13.05.2019, 21.05.2019, 27.05.2019, 30.05.2019. Scroll down to see the updates.

The locomotive in its new design was presented officially this morning, at Salzburg Hauptbahnhof. Leonardo da Vinci is a famous Italian multi-talent, inventor and artist, who lived from 1452 until 1519 (500 years ago..).

Of course, small scale ‘Leonardo’s’ were shown, these models will be available later this year.

Facts about the 1216 019:

  • Siemens ES64U4 locomotive with country specific package type ‘A’ – delivered in 2007
  • In 2013 this locomotive got a special livery about Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi
  • In 2016 the same engine was the ‘Aachensee’ Werbelok
  • The 1216 019 can be used in Italy and for RailJet trains

Did you know, it is not the first time a Siemens ES64U4 locomotive gets a Leonardo da Vinci design? Slovenian locomotive 541 101 got a (more brownish) design back in April 2013.

ÖBB 1216 019 in its new Leonardo da Vinci livery – Salzburg 09.05.2019 – Photo: Kai Schlegel
ÖBB 1216 019 in its new Leonardo da Vinci livery – Salzburg 09.05.2019 – Photo: Kai Schlegel
ÖBB 1216 019 in its new Leonardo da Vinci livery – Salzburg 09.05.2019 – Photo: Kai Schlegel

Update #1: 13.05.2019

Burg Hohenwerfen

Let’s have a closer look at 1216 019’s cab. On top of ÖBB’s logo, there is another one – the Burg Hohenwerfen fortress. A special ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ exhibition, dedicated to Italian polymath’s vast range of talents is being held at the castle until the end of the year. Roco’s logo is on the cab too – seen just under the one of ÖBB.

Detail – 1216 019 in Salzburg on 09.05.2019- Photo: Kai Schlegel

1216 019 pulling trains

Simon Buchmann (check out his Instagram feed here) has managed to catch ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ in action. The photo below shows the locomotive pulling a train bound to Munich (DE) last Saturday:

1216 019 on its way to Munich 11.05.2019 Photo: Simon Buchmann

Update #2 (21.05.2019): Christian Tondo sent us a view of the locomotive from Bologna Centrale station in Italy, as seen on 16.05.2019:

E 190 019 (1216 019) seen at Bologna Centrale station on 16.05.2019 Photo: Christian Tondo

Update #3 (27.05.2019): Yet another stunning landscape image from Simon Buchmann. This time he managed to capture the ‘other’ side of the locomotive:

An ‘Aplenpanorama’, featuring 1216 019 near Flintsbach (DE) 26.05.2019 Photo: Simon Buchmann

Update #4 (30.05.2019): We have also received some impressive images by Sven Franz, who managed to capture the locomotive in Innsbruck, Gries am Brenner and Brenner station. We made a gallery:

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