[IT / Expert] Trenord: Caravaggio and DMUs will come in green, white and blue [edit]

Edit: There is a discussion (thank you for the remarks!) about how to place the diesel trains described in this article in Stadler Rail’s portfolio. It has design features of the FLIRT(200) but also has a ‘central PowerPack’ which is a distinctive element of the WINK product. Because of that, we initially used the WINK name in this article. However, in the official announcement’s Stadler and FNM have published so far, these trains are referred to as ‘DMU’. We have decided to stay in line with this information and have therefore replaced the WINK name by ‘DMU’.

No dark grey, no dark green. Italian passenger rail operator Ferrovienord, part of the FNM group, will apply a new paint scheme to its future Caravaggio and WINK DMU trainsets – replacing the Trenord design. The company wants to establish a revised brand image.

We thank Ferrovie.info for their support.

The design features two large green arrows on a white background. Roof and bottom of the trains will get a darker blue color. Note that these trains no longer have red on their fronts, a visibility measure that is no longer mandatory in Italy.

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