[DE] Part 1 of ‘Augsburger Netze’ concession to GoAhead – Mireo and Desiro HC

In December 2022 operator GoAhead will take over passenger rail services on part 1 of the ‘Augsburger Netze’ – after an initial announcement on 07.12.2018, this was made official today by the Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft (BEG), coordinating and financing regional and S-Bahn rail services in the state of Bavaria. GoAhead will take over from Deutsche Bahn. The key figures:

  • 7,4 million trainkm
  • 12-year concession
  • Ulm – Augsburg – München
  • Würzburg – Ansbach – Treuchtlingen – Donauwörth – Augsburg
  • Aalen – Nördlingen – Donauwörth
  • More detailed information can be found on the website of BEG

It is expected that in January GoAhead will sign a contract with Siemens for the delivery of new Mireo and Desiro HC passenger trains. It will be the third Mireo order and the fourth for the Desiro HC product.