[LU] New Alstom Coradia high capacity trains for CFL

A familiar front design, similar to the Coradia Stream regional trains for Italy and intercity EMUs for the Netherlands. But these trains are ‘high capacity’ regional trains ordered by the Luxemburg national operator CFL to meet the fast-growing ridership numbers – up by 70% (!) during the last 15 years in Luxembourg. The 34 new trains will add around 15,000 seats to CFL’s fleet – that will grow to 39,100 in total.

For around EUR 360 million Alstom will deliver both 80 and 160 meter long versions of the train, that will have 334 and 692 seats respectively. Top speed will be 160 km/h and the delivery will start in December 2021 – and be completed in 2024. The EMUs will also run in Belgium and France, meeting the standards for interoperability, and will, therefore, be equipped with ERTMS (ETCS level 2-baseline 3) and TBL1+ signaling systems. 

The new EMUs will replace the 2-car series 2000 trains (type Z2) from the early 90s. CFL will be ready for more passengers, and for large infrastructural projects that will be completed in the near future, which will increase the network capacity.

The trains are designed and developed at Alstom’s site in Valenciennes (France). They will be manufactured at Alstom’s site in Barcelona (Spain).

Edit 26.05.2020: There is an option for 20 extra trains. 

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