[CZ] ČD introduces its new RegioPanter EMUs in Plzeň

Czech state railways ČD has introduced RegioPanter 2-car EMUs in regional services in the Plzeň region. Škoda Transportation has built 9 such trainsets for use on this network. The inauguration of the new trains took place on 28.11.2018 in the presence of high-ranking officials.

Text by Quintus Vosman

According to the 2019 timetable, the new trains will be operating on the electrified lines from Plzeñ hlavní nádraží to Horažďovice and Pñovany, starting from 9 December 2018.

Author: Škoda Transportation

The new RegioPanter EMUs for the Plzeň region are designated as class 650. The low floor trainsets have a maximum speed of 160 km/h and are suitable for operations under both 25kV 50Hz AC and 3kV DC voltage systems, of which the latter is to be phased-out out from the Czech network in the coming decades. The power rating of the trains is 1.320 kW.

Author: Škoda Transportation

ČD already has RegioPanter trainsets in its fleet, in 2- and 3-car versions. There is also a 5-car version for inter-regional services, named “InterPanter”. Where all these EMUs have the standard two-tone blue CD design, the Plzeň got this new blue-white livery with green and yellow accents.

650 011 of ČD undergoing authorization tests on the Velim test track 13.10.2018 Author: Quintus Vosman

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