[EU] Akiem and Bombardier sign contracts to supply 33 TRAXX locomotives

  • Akiem and Bombardier sign contracts to supply a total of 33 TRAXX locomotives
  • Orders include TRAXX AC3, DC3 and MS2 locomotives

Rolling stock leasing company Akiem and mobility technology leader Bombardier Transportation have signed two contracts under frame contracts to deliver a total of 33 Bombardier TRAXX locomotives. Based on their list price, the two firm orders are valued at a combined total of €112 million ($128 million US). Scheduled for delivery between 2019 and 2021 at the latest, the 33 TRAXX locomotives will consist of a mix of TRAXX MS2 (multi-system), TRAXX AC3 (alternating current) and TRAXX DC3 (direct current) locomotives.

The MS2e in Akiem design

Fabien Rochefort, CEO of Akiem Group, said, “This additional batch of 33 TRAXX locomotives meets our customers’ demand across Europe. With a fleet of 180 TRAXX by 2020, we are strengthening our ability to deliver reliable, efficient, safe and cost-effective traction services expected by both passenger and freight operators. This fruitful partnership with Bombardier Transportation enables Akiem Group industrial teams to design and deliver tailor-made services and maintenance solutions across Europe. We are making our Group a major long-term, reliable partner and added value provider for the railway transport industry in Europe.”


Railcolor: The delivery of TRAXX locomotives to Akiem is ongoing – last week the maiden runs with the new 186 387 (MS2e) and 187 510 (AC3) were completed. ‘MS2’ in this press release refers to the MS2e model, series 186. The DC3 type is new to Akiem. 

The DC3 – Photo: Bombardier