[IT] ‘Zebra Shunter’ or ‘Effi zebra’?

During the Innotrans 2018 we reported about Italian Rail Traction Company (RTC) ordering two EffiShunter 1000 locos (and took an option for two more). We ended that story with a question: Will we see red ‘zebra’ shunters in 2019?

Well, we at Railcolornews couldn’t wait that long, so we took one of our Effishunter Innotrans pictures and made an impression of what a ‘Zebra shunter’ (or is it an ‘Effi zebra’?) could look like.

Well, maybe something like this?

Our impression of an EffiShunter in RTC’s zebra livery – Original photo: Konstantin Planinski – Impression: Ferry Lissenberg – There is no relation to CZ Loko nor RTC/Lokomotion.