[UK] Merseyrail presents its Stadler EMU mock-up

Merseyrail has unveiled a 1:1 mock-up of its upcoming Stadler train design that is expected to start operating in Liverpool in 2021. Back in 2017, the operator ordered a total of 52 EMUs from the Swiss manufacturer Stadler Rail.

At the beginning of September the real size mock-up of the driving car was officially presented. Merseyrail shared some impressive images of the mock-up with us, as seen in the gallery below:

The new trains are set to replace the older class 507/508 units that Merseyrail is currently operating. This is why it is expected that the GBP 460 million project project will bring a significant transformation to the service, which will be improved in terms of safety, speed, capacity and comfort.

Revenue service will start in 2021 and Stadler Rail will be also responsible for the maintenance of the trains.

If you’d like to learn further technical details about the new trains, make sure to check our initial article, dedicated to the project.