[DK] DSB: details on the new loco-hauled trains for international services

The Danish railways (DSB) have released a tender in which the operator unfolds its future plans for international passenger services to Germany. DSB is inviting companies to place their offering for, initially, 8 ‘coach formations’.

The first coaches should be delivered on 01.03.2022 and full delivery expected to be ready for commercial operation late 2022. The new trains are foreseen to be operated in a sandwich-formation (i.e. with a locomotive in each end of the coach formations) using DSB’s future Siemens Vectron locomotives – In June the plans to order sixteen extra Vectrons were already approved.

DSB expects that the opening of the Fehmarn Belt fixed link (expected in 2028) will lead to a need for additional capacity – for which the loco-hauled stock is needed.

Video: A virtual run through the Fehmarn Belt fixed link:

Cross-border traffic AND regional services

The new coaches will be used for cross-border traffic between Copenhagen and Hamburg (via Fredericia, no ferry) and between Aarhus – Hamburg – at a service-speed of at least 189 km/h. Upon completion of the Fehmarn Belt fixed link, the line between Copenhagen and Hamburg is expected to be operated via this link. Furthermore, the coaches may also be operated in Danish regional traffic.

DSB: It is emphasized that the delivery time and rate of delivery is dependent on the introduction of the new Vectron locomotives and Banedanmark’s projects concerning the railway infrastructure – including the Signaling Program and the Electrification Program.

DSB wants to close a framework agreement with an expected duration of 8 years with a possibility for extension of 4 years (and 30 years for additional services). Because of the uncertainties mentioned in the previous paragraph,  DSB wants to be able to acquire further coaches and/or coach formations for a period of 12 years if the option is exercised.

Maintenance and repairs is to be performed by DSB’s own staff at DSB premises.

Artist impression by Railcolor – There is no relation to Siemens nor DSB