[SI] ETR 485 31 en route to Greece, TrainOSE tests starting soon

A SŽ series 363 locomotive pulling an ETR 485? Yes, this was the combination that was captured today near Divača in Slovenia. The tilting EMU is on its way to Greece, where it will make test runs for TrainOSE.

Today an important journey began for ETR 485 31. The tilting EMU, also known as Pendolino, is currently traveling to Greece, where homologation and demonstration runs are expected to take place this September. After the trials, the unit will travel back home to Italy, thus paving the way for the last five ETR 470s to be sent to the now FS owned TrainOSE.

A closer look at ETR 485 31A in Divača Slovenia, 20.08.2018 Author: Rok Žnidarčič

Seen at Divača in Slovenia, the unit was pulled by SŽ 363-024, forming an impressive and color-wise well paired (both the locomotive and the EMU feature red and silver in their liveries) train that was captured by Rok Žnidarčič‎.

SŽ 363-024 and ETR 485 31 in Divača Slovenia, 20.08.2018 Author: Rok Žnidarčič

The Pendolino will be tested on the line between Athens and Thessaloniki. A Series 485 and not 470 train was chosen for the trains, because the 470s would need to undergo further technical transformations in order to start circulating in Greece. Currently, those trains are equipped for 15 kV networks, while the ones in Greece are 25 kV.

Frecciargiento 485 31 in Divača Slovenia, 20.08.2018 Author: Rok Žnidarčič

After passing through Slovenia, the EMU will proceed on its way to Greece passing through: Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia. So if you happen to be in any of those countries, grab your cameras and show us your photos at the Railcolor / MainlineDiesels photo group on Facebook.

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