[FR / Expert] Big in France: another 36 Francilien EMUs for Île-de-France – now 313 in total

Bombardier Transportation has received an order for further 36 Francilien train sets, being the fifth call-off from a 2006 frame contract with SNCF for the delivery of up to 372 dual-voltage trains. Since the Z 50000 series, the designation of the Francilien EMUs, is new to Railcolor, we decided to include some further information about the previous deliveries as well.

The Francilien represents an extra-large, articulated, spacious, “tube” style commuter train. Featuring large seats, wide doors and open gateways, the design permits a considerable increase in ease and speed of passenger flow.

December 2016. Francilien to Epinay-Villetaneuse.
Author: Bombardier

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