[PL] Poland independence – EU44s get a special livery [updatedx2]

In the Locomotive Weekly we already announced it, various rolling stock types in Poland are currently receiving stickers to promote Poland being an independent country since 1918, 100 years ago. Also ES64U4 electrics got a new livery in red and white, the colours of the Polish flag.

We thank radziol.pl and Andrzej Szafon for their support

Locomotives with this livery:

  • EU44/5370 001 – first seen 07.2018
  • EU44/5370 005 – first seen 07.2018
  • EU44/5370 006 – first seen 07.2018
  • EU44/5370 007 – first seen 07.2018

Interesting fact: It is actually the second time (!) the 5370 / EU44 001 gets a red/white Poland livery. It was this locomotive that sported the UEFA / Euro 2012 livery for Poland. Since then it was Open’er Festival locomotive and it had two different T-Mobile promotional liveries.

PKP IC EU44-001 in Poznań on 12.07.2018 – Photo: Radziol.pl
5370/EU44-005 in Warszawa-Wschodnia on 12.07.2018 – Photo: Andrzej Szafoni