[UK / Expert] Abellio in the UK: A £3 billion new trains overview – Part 3 West Midlands Trains

  “(..) which means we are now overseeing ₤3 billion of investment into 1.700 new carriages across all our franchises.”

It was this quote from Dominic Booth, Managing Director of Abellio UK, in a press release about West Midland Trains, that caught our attention. It inspired us to make an overview of the trains ordered by, built for and delivered to Abellio related operators. We bring this information in three parts, and this is part 3 about West Midlands Trains.

  • Scotrail = part 1
  • Greater Anglia = part 2
  • West Midlands Trains (scroll down for part 3)
Infographic by Railcolor


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