[CZ] CZ Loko: EffiShunter 600 replaces 500/700 models

CZ Loko has released information about its new EffiShunter 600 diesel locomotive:

At the beginning of June 2018 CZ Loko optimized its locomotive portfolio. The EffiShunter 500 and 700 classes were replaced by the EffiShunter 600 class. This change is due to the arrival of a new generation of the 563 kW CAT C18 engine that meets the stringent European Stage IIIB emission standards. Other technical parameters of the vehicle remain unchanged. Outside EU countries, it will still be possible to install engines in the IIIA emission standard.

Railcolor: Like its predecessors the EffiShunter is a 4-axle 13.280 mm long mid-cab shunting locomotive. Its weight is 72 tonnes and its topspeed 80 km/h. The 563 kW C18 engines replaces the Caterpillar C18 (stage IIIA – 522 kW) and C27 (Stage IIIA – 709 kW) prime movers in the European market.

Mainlinediesels.net provides and overview on the 500/700 models.