[Creativity] SNCB, DB, SBB, British Rail: about Corporate Identities for European railway companies

The corporate identity design of the Dutch Railways (NS) turns 50 this year. The Dutch’ national railway museum has therefore opened an exhibition celebrating NS’ bright yellow colours and its vignette logo, created by Tel Design and designer Gert Dunbar in the 60s (!). The logo is still being used and still looks fresh, don’t you think?

The introduction of NS’ new corporate design was part of a European trend. Therefore we present you Retours’ newest publication on railways, history and design: Spearheading Design – Corporate Identities for European railway companies. A story about how good design helped to revivie railways in Europe by giving it a new distinctive, standardised and modern image.

We also have a documentary (only in Dutch, sorry) about the NS design story, enjoy:

We thank Arjan Den Boer for his support.

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